Friday, 18 January 2013

An Introduction to Mobile Marketing Techniques and Mobile Website Building Service Platforms

Trying, to get through into the public’s interests there are a lot of new and impressive marketing strategies developing every day. Mobile marketing, is one of the cutting edge marketing methods being used today and one of the most effective. A mobile friendly presence can no longer ignored from business who really want to reach target audiences, who own a mobile phone.

Different types of marketing techniques and strategies can help businesses to increase profits and ROI. Mobile Marketing  include many of them like, QR codes, SMS text messaging and mobile friendly websites which are the most popular forms of marketing today.

Why mobile friendly
Mobile devices have small screans and your website is bigger. People who want to navigate through links, or read, will be out of it in less than a minute because of the small text. The flash will not load -- don't ad flash on your mobile site and just keep it simple and basic.

SMS text messaging
Today, the mobile phone is the best way of communication for business. Mobile users have their phone near them the most of the day. To send an SMS campaign is very easy and you communicate directly with your audience writing only a one-hundred and sixty words message. 97% of messages are opened within minutes.

QR codes
It's not a secret that QR codes have been used from big companies, because of the unlimited possibilities they offer. Businesess, in these days can use the square black and white codes to promote a special offer, link to a website, facebook page, or get views for a video with just one click.

There are many mobile marketing building platforms online for people who want to try for first time this new yet and profitable niche. You don't have to know how to code and there is no need for HTML 5, or Java programming. Some mobile website builders offer more services, some offer less and in different prices. After, a research online I have done, I collected and partnered with some of the best options found. Below, you will find all the information you need to start with mobile marketing for your business, personal website, etc., easy no money and free for the first time.


Website to Mobile with GinWiz

Features: mobile website design, mobile website development and mobile website templates.
Pricing: basic - free, standard - $8.99 per Month, premium - $44.99 per Month and professional - get a quote.
Also, you can join the partners program and resale mobile sites, or you can join the affiliate program and get paid well.
Go to the website from here, click.


Features: mobile site builder, professional mobile website design, mobile advertising and media buying, mobile lead generation, mobile payment getaway setup, mobile marketing consultancy, QR code marketing service and mobile virtual store setup.
Pricing: basic package - $16.90 + gst per Month, business package - $38.00 + gst per Month and top value package - $58.00 + gst per Month.
In my opinion the best mobile marketing tool.
Go to the website from here, click.


Features: mobile websites, SMS text messages and QR codes, and white label platform.
Pricing: starter - $47.00 per Month, growth - $97.00 per Month and agency - sign-up.
Go to the website from here, click.

Stay tuned for more updates about mobile marketing. Thank you for reading. Please spread the word by using the sharing buttons bellow.

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